Covet Fashion Hack 2018

Covet Fashion Hack 2018 – Cash and Diamonds Cheats

Crowdstar Inc is one of famous game development studio who has gained huge popularity after one of successful release from the same studio which is called as Covet Fashion. This mobile title is launched in the causal category, and it is offering a great number of features that can make you feel attracted to this game. To never face a single issue while playing this game, users need to focus on the earning of currencies.



Many methods and tips are available online that can help you with this game but which method is effective to master the game. Mainly the game is all about styling, and this guide will help you know the basics which can let you progress faster. Even it will help you be an awesome gamer. Just get started by learning the basic from the tutorial and following the mentioned tips in this article.

Covet Fashion Hack

And, if you are here to learn the method of earning resources then pay attention to Covet Fashion cheats because it is better and reliable option than any other.

  1. Let’s Know the Currency

If you have played this game for a short burst, then you might know that currency is the key to success in this game. There are total three currencies in this game which will help you progress faster and become an advanced gamer easily.

The currencies are money, tickets, and diamonds. Each one is playing an important role, but you mainly have to focus on money because it is primary currency. The premium currency of this game is diamond, and it will let you progress faster and get the premium stuff in this game. You need to play wisely and earn both currencies.

Now, comes the ticket and these are mainly to help you earn other currencies easily. Challenges are quite easier and helpful to earn much more than usual. If you want to play challenges, then you need 15 to 25 tickets. It is generally too high and hard to earn.

All the currencies are required to progress, and if you can’t earn a sufficient amount, then there is in-app purchases option to help anyone out. It is not the best alternative, but it is still reliable in the needy hour. The better is to prefer starter packs.

  1. Playing Challenges

As mentioned, you need to obtain sufficient amount of tickets to enter into these challenges. Well, you can click on style challenges link, and it will show you the first challenge to try out. Here, you can browse many other challenges too that can make things better and reliable.

Mainly, each challenge has own theme, and there will be a short description given for the same.  Make sure to play a challenge wisely by checking out the description. If you are not good at such challenges, then start spending a little time on the mission. Always focus on description and complete it well.

To avoid getting into issues, keep on trying different-different missions because these will allow you to progress faster as well as easily too. If the currencies are making you stuck in issues, then there are some easy to prefer the alternative. With the use of Covet Fashion hack, you can get rid of all the issues with ease.

  1. Buy Garments

This game is all about making or designing a beautiful character and then deciding the garments. If you don’t want to end up getting into any issue and progress way faster than all other methods, then couples of tips are there to help you out. With the help of diamonds, you can buy premium garments that look awesome.

These garments are easily able to enhance the looks of your character, and it is much more reliable than any other option. Make sure to focus on all the best methods instead of relying on the simple method of earning resources. The Covet Fashion Cheats can provide you sufficient amount of diamond, and it is quite helpful to progress.

Even there are some other methods of earning resources. All those methods can’t help with the earning of resources. Make sure to earn the sufficient amount to never get into the issue. Buying of resources isn’t a good option that’s why you should avoid it as much as you can. It will help you be an expert gamer.

Bottom Line

Above mentioned tips can help you with the earning of resources and learning the basics. The game offers you a tutorial, and it is better to learn from the tutorial instead of skipping it. These methods will let you be an expert in no time. It is quite easy and reliable option. Hope, this guide will help you out and complete all the challenges and reach on apex easily.

Covet Fashion Hack


  1. Really love the game and want to reach the highest level of it that is the sixty first level, however I’ve just started and I’m on level eight, so this hack will really prove to be a great help if it works. Really hope of this to be working.

  2. I love Covet Fashion Game because i can express my style and also can try new things like new trends and new pieces of clothing. Not only I can try new trends but also learn about them, because sometimes I don’t even know about some of them. Covet gives me opportunity to be more artsy and not be afreid to be different in fashion.

  3. This is a fun game, and it Make me Design Fashion easily, Love all the challenges and all the styles you can do with all the fashion brands, this game is very Good cause the voters are the other gamers and you can vote for them too, thanks for all the fun!!!

  4. I love covet fashion because I love fashion games. I need cash because I always need cash. And I want to advance level fastly, cos it tooks some time to get on another level. So if this work it would be really cool…

  5. covet is incredible to browse through different apparel from different websites. It has given me exposure to many brands, both affordable and high end. Covet is almost art to me. No it IS art. And i can create art with covet everyday.

  6. Very easy and easily accessible. Just waiting to see my diamonds come up on my account and I’ll be ready to rock and roll and win some big prizes in the game.

  7. Cover fashion is my favorite game ever. Me and my daughter play together all the time. I love your tool, it helps me getting all the currency I need to buy all the items necessary to complete the tasks and make beautiful outfits. It’s all so cool!

  8. I like Covet Fashion because it’s a very creative game and it teaches you more about brands and outfit. I love playing the game and i will never get bored of it 🙂
    I’m only in the level 5 so i would really like some more diamonds and cash to get me really started in the game!

  9. I like Covet Fashion because it’s a very creative game and it teaches you more about brands and outfit. I love playing the game and i will never get bored of it 🙂
    I’m only in the level 5 so i would really like some more diamonds and cash to get me really started in the game!


  10. Heyyyy. I’m a beginner to this game. I need hack cause I lost all my money and diamonds at the very start.i tried so many hacks before. Wish this hack is fine me.

  11. Covet is a game that always keeps on giving. Between the different challenges and the fashion houses and jet set events you can always find something to do on the app. I enjoy interacting with others in my fashion house and am frequently occupied by reeneterjng the jet set events every day to get my scores up. I encourage everyone to play Covet, even if yo just try out the game!

  12. I love Covete Fashion, and i would love to get more money and diamonds, your video is awesome and the best i ever seen. Keep doing this great job and making live of the coveters more fun! Love it!

  13. Covet fashion is one the hottest games in the world. I love fashion and styling outfits for any event. This game has the most beautiful clothes and current trends! Love this game.

  14. I love this game so much i speend time everyday here, is so adictive and cool, i love the dresses they have here, i love the dresses And this game have so much of there

  15. I love expression and I also love winning. Covet fashion is perfect for me and I love the game so much but there is a limit to what I can do and buy. The hack tool is like a miracle and helps me so.

  16. It is a very good game but it is a bit difficult for me to get likes and have a lot of votes but at the end if the day, i still enjoy it

  17. I love this game! It’s so addictive! It allows me to Be creative. I’m On level 11 and would look be to get more cash and diamonds to continue playing the game and advance further in the game! Really hoping this works!

  18. This is a great tool for save time and real money! The cheat is great and i love it becouse i have so much fun playing my favorite game 🙂

  19. I absolutely love designing outfits and am just waiting for the money to come into move on and being able to keep loving to design. This game makes me want to dress better myself

  20. I love this game so much, I can play with the styles I really like, and also I can chat with others who play the same game. It’s line a very big group of friends. I think covet is one of the most addictive games, you can’t just wait for the awards, you need to do other challenges, because you are bored or because you can’t wait thw results, or just want to win a lot of things.

  21. I really love this game and I want the hack so I guess I’m writing a revi Bc you told me too and I really want the money and I want it to work do hopefully it does I guess.! I don’t know if this is thirty works already I’m going to count. Okay yeah I think I’m at thirty now okay bye

  22. I really cover fashion so much because it’s the only fashion game I can actually interact with people through challenges and fashion houses. And I would really to put more into just one style but unfortunately I just lack money and diamonds 😭

  23. Hi! I want the in game currency for my mom. She absolutely LOVES this game and asked if there was a way to get more money for all of her clothing needs. I would really appreciate it if we could receive some!!

  24. I love this game it helps pass my day and relax while expressing my styles I cant believe how fun is it and how much I’m enjoying it. I love this app I love everything about it.

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